FMP Process Book
Process book documenting the formation of my Final Major Project from start to finish, including what lead to the idea for the project, my research, and a retrospective account of my work. It also displays the process of developing a design system, demonstrating tests of typeface pairing, grid systems and image manipulation.
'The Day the Saucers Came'
A 30 second title sequence for a Netflix-style TV show based upon Neil Gaiman's poem 'The Day the Saucers Came'. Characters were drawn in Illustrator and animated using After Effects. Song used: Massive Attack -Intertia Creeps.
AI Generated Animation
A stop motion animation experimenting with Nvidia's GauGAN software, which turns MS Paint like drawings into digital landscapes using Artificial Intelligence. This software could be seen as a precursor to Adobe's new AI generated software and plug-ins, which have pushed this tech much further.
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